Independent Software Vendors

IT for Independent Software Vendors

As a professional Independent Software Vendor, we know you already know all about technology.

So we don’t tend to deliver in-house infrastructure in this sector – we don’t need to teach Grandma to suck eggs – although we do sometimes! Instead, our work with ISVs is all about Cloud-enabling respected, best of breed client server software applications.

  • A short term fix
    Like many ISVs you may be part way through a plan to turn your classic application into a SaaS service. But this takes time, and whilst you are investing the thousands of developer hours in doing that, you could be Cloud enabling your existing application through Citrix.
  • Stick to the Knitting
    You will have a bunch of talented software engineers – and their value is in writing code, not in building and supporting infrastructure. By working with Modrus (infrastructure is what we do) your team can get on with what you need them to do, whilst someone else takes care of keeping your Cloud customers up and running.

It’s all about the partnership

Working with ISVs we both want the same thing – happy customers. We can work however suits you – a white label cloud hosting service that you bundle or resell; working direct with your customers you don’t get involved; providing direct support or working through your service desk. Commercially and structurally, we know the partnership has to work and not distract from core business. We invest time and effort in finding the right solution, supporting and training your technical and sales teams.


What's your business challenge?

We typically work with SMEs between 50 and 250 employees.
Around 80% of our customers are in one of five key vertical sectors:

Property Services

"reliable IT is absolutely fundamental if you want your fee earners to deliver"

Professional Services

"the more time we spend doing everything by email, the less money we can make"


"we have 10 mins between the customer posting the job and us getting the deal"

Media Agencies

"finishing pitches often runs into the small hours - that’s just the way our world is"

Private Education

"if our network goes down, teaching for 800 kids grinds to a halt, we simply can't run that risk"

What do our clients think?

  • Chris Croft

    "We are definitely not an IT company, however IT is crucial to the operation of our business. We annually organise and deliver around 260 days of professional training and from this our candidates generate approximately 2000 assignments, all of which need to be collated, assessed and moderated."

    Chris Croft • Managing Director

  • Andrew Waples

    "We made a conscious decision to search for partners capable of supplying an integrated networking and telephony solution so we could avoid the 'teflon challenge' of problems being passed from one supplier to another. Modrus took the time to understand our requirements, tailored an effective solution to meet them and early on were especially helpful in assisting with the development of a logical IT strategy that focused on supporting learning."

    Andrew Waples • Head of Technical Services

  • Tim Piper

    "With our old phone system we probably lost 10 calls a day, We were concerned that we were failing to meet customers' expectations with regards to the service we provide. Now we can see at a glance which teams are getting more calls than others. If we see one taking 20 per cent more calls than the rest, we know we need to allocate more resources to that team."

    Tim Piper • Director of Finance

  • Andy Huntley

    "We made a conscious decision not to employ an internal IT team and to outsource this role plus the provision and management of our hosted applications, Internet connectivity and VoIP to Modrus. In one guise or another, we have dealt with them for over 10 years and in that time they have repeatedly proven their expertise in these areas."

    Andy Huntley • Production Director

  • Andrew Anderson

    "InSTREAM is delivered as a service and so Celaton needed a robust, secure, scalable and flexible hosting solution to support its customers. It also needed an infrastructure partner that understood its needs and could respond quickly to changes as required. Modrus ticked all of the boxes so the decision to work with them was an obvious one."

    Andrew Anderson • Chief Executive Officer

  • Darren Mills

    "We have a small team of 7 people handling first and second line support for 1000 users in our offices around the world. As you can imagine, this is a huge task and we rely heavily on suppliers like Modrus for problem solving and advice, when we are unable to resolve issues internally."

    Darren Mills • IT Manager

  • Mark Fone

    "f1 recruitment LLP specialises in finding professional staff for the in-house communications and marketing teams of visionary companies and the most edgy and creative marketing, advertising, public relations and events consultancies that service them."

    Mark Fone • Managing Director

  • Alison Dean

    "With split locations between the UK and Channel Islands, we needed a supplier able to deliver and support remotely, over extended hours. We want to focus on generating superior returns for our clients, not on IT - and working with Modrus allows us to do just that."

    Alison Dean • Financial Director

  • Colin Webster

    "We knew that we wanted to use Microdec's Profile CRM at the core of our business and we recognised that we faced a choice between running our own systems or selecting an external IT provider. Employing your own IT staff and procuring your own hardware and systems immediately builds cost and risk into the process. Because of this and a desire to keep our IT flexible, meant outsourcing our IT was a straightforward decision."

    Colin Webster • Chief Financial Officer