Working at Modrus

Getting the right job is as much about whether your potential new employer is right for you, as it is whether you are right for them. Modrus is a great company to work for and we hope you feel you’d like to apply for a role, but before you do, why not take 5 minutes to think “would Modrus be right for me”?

Here’s a list of attributes of the typical Modrus person.

  • Is fanatical about putting the customer first – because they instinctively understand that it is our customers who pay our salaries
  • Genuinely enjoys being part of a fun team – taking time to help others; seeing that as a natural and enjoyable part of the job
  • Is completely fine with following systems and process – and equally happy to take ownership of improving them when the opportunity arises
  • Understands the huge value of prioritising proactive work, even when swamped with reactive tasks
  • Keeps calm and focused when things get hectic; great at problem solving
  • Is happy to take ownership and personal responsibility for making sure that they deliver on their promises – saying yes and then failing to do something is a complete no-no
  • Is flexible when it comes to working evenings and weekends; all part of the job

Maybe you’ll read this list and think “Modrus might not be right for me”; and all respect to you if you reach that decision. But just maybe you’ll read that list and think “that’s exactly where I want to work”.

In which case, let’s talk.